About Yoga


The Art of Being and Becoming


What is Yoga?

Yoga is a traditional discipline involving many techniques including body, breath, meditation, voice work, study, and reflection.

In modern life, yoga can be used:

  • To appreciate the intimate relationship between our body, breath and mind.
  • To cultivate a quality of attention and reflection for self-growth.
  • To enhance physical health and energy.
  • As a therapy to support our health requirements.


As a therapy, yoga may be used to improve, maintain, or recover our state of health and well being such as:

  • Enhance energy and productivity.
  • Cope with excessive stress and anxiety.
  • Support sporting or outdoor activities.
  • Develop a personal meditation practice.
  • Prepare for birth and post pregnancy.
  • Explore what it means to positively influence our own sense of self.


This approach to yoga is relevant to the individual. The teachings respect differences in age, gender, physical and mental health, culture and occupation.

Care is taken to emphasise:

  • Adaptation of all aspects of yoga to our needs and potential, integrating mindfulness through movement, breathing, and stillness.
  • A process that moves from a practice adapted to our limitations towards one that stretches our abilities.
  • The precise use of the breath as a powerful tool to influence a person’s mental and physical well being.
  • The value between the teacher, the teachings, the students, and their practice.






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