The Art of Being and Becoming


Group Classes

Day and evening classes are available for different levels of experience and interest of students. The classes take into account whether you are a beginner or someone with previous experience of yoga.

  • Level 1/11 is for beginners and continuing students to present the basic principles of practice. The emphasis is mainly on the use of yoga postures with appropriate breathing patterns, adding work with sound and introducing simple seated practices.
  • Level 11/111 is for continuing students who are familiar with Level 1/11. The emphasis is still mainly on postures, but refined through intensifying the posture work, introducing the benefits of seated breathing practices, beginning to explore meditation, with yoga chanting, and developing simple yoga seated meditational techniques.

Individual Tuition and Therapy

Traditionally yoga was taught on an individual basis and this is still seen as an important way to explore yoga.

Individual lessons provide an opportunity to adapt the practice appropriate to the student’s needs, lifestyle, and interest. Within these one-to-one sessions a practice is designed to use at home. The teacher guides the student through the practice, carefully ensuring that it meets their needs and that they are comfortable with the structure and form used.

  • An initial telephone consultation is recommended to discuss individual requirements. Please contact me at 087 2888542.
  • The student usually meets the teacher every 2-3 weeks. However, as they become more familiar with their practice, this can be reduced to every 6 weeks. The frequency and overall span of the lesson can vary according to the progression of the student and how they relate to their practice.





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