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Yoga Now Dublin

YogaNow is a group of qualified registered teachers in Ireland who are affiliated to the Association For Yoga Studies (aYs) UK.

The Association for Yoga Studies (aYs), formerly known as Viniyoga Britain, is an organisation committed to the teaching of T Krishnamacharya as received through his son and student TKV Desikachar. It was originally founded in 1981 by Paul Harvey, a student of Desikachar since 1976, to develop study and training options.

Within the UK and Ireland (aYs) is the nationally accredited professional training body supporting thoses students who have undertaken at least 6 years of teaching and therapy training to qualify and be licensed as (aYs) practitioners.



Anne O’Loughlin

AnnAnne has been involved in the study and practice of yoga since 1981 and has been teaching since 1992. She completed 6 years of training in England under the guidance of Paul Harvey at the Center for Yoga Studies (www.yogastudies.org) and was a student of Hanne Gillespie at Clonlea Yoga Studio in Blackrock during her training (www.clonlea-yoga-studio.com).

Anne holds a diploma with the aYs (Association for Yoga Studies www.ays.org.uk) and  is fully qualified and registered. In 2005 she participated in a further study training in the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandram in Chennai, India.

In 2006, she received a teacher’s Diploma from the British Wheel of Yoga.

Anne has also been involved with the study and practice of mindfulness and the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh (www.plumvillage.org). She travelled annually to Plum Village in the south of France from 2004 to 2008 for mindfulness retreats. Anne believes that there is a deep connection between Yoga and Mindfulness and likes to link the two as teacher and practitioner.

Anne has a strong interest in sound and voice work. She has completed Chloe Goodchild (Naked Voice) training in England and worked with Tim Jones (Towards a yoga of sound and The nature of sound).

In addition, Anne has completed the Maynooth College Counselling course as support for her teaching and therapy work.

Anne is currently involved with a group of senior yoga teachers who meet for regular workshops and seminars in France and England with Danish teacher Peter Hersnack (www.art-of-yoga.fr), a long-time student of T.K.V. Desikachar.